Ebiz is a trap for Engineering Students

Ebiz.com Pvt Ltd has become a nuisance in Engineering colleges these days. The salespersons of Ebiz.com Pvt Ltd are reaching out for Students in engineering colleges. They have come up with a scam for Students which they call it as a business plan. As students who are generally unaware of such scams easily fall prey to the well organized legal scam. This blog post will give a complete picture of Ebiz.com Pvt Ltd working in different colleges in India.

Ebiz scam

The business model of the company is Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing. A Network Marketing company not only sells varied products to the customer but also actively works to expand the sales team who will sell the product for the company. In Ebiz.com Pvt Ltd, Any person who purchases their product which is the Suit Length or Computer Courses will become an Associate of the company.

The associates are the sales team who are recruited by a referrer. Each time a new associate joins the sales team every member/upline in the team gets paid and gets some share in the profit. That’s how the associates/sales team makes money.

The associates are the backbone of MLM company and they generate profits by making the sales or by joining new members in the sales team.

Products in Ebiz

The products in Ebiz are not something explosive or mindblowing even though the associates present it like it is a breakthrough and a Miracle in the industry.  Which it is clearly not. Therefore the main focus of the salespersons is not selling more products but recruiting new members in their team, so the team makes money. As the old Hindi saying goes, “Ek Bakra Katega Sab mein batega. This aptly describes the business model of Ebiz.

In fact, the Computer courses and the Suit length are not even worth a 1000 rupees even though the selling price is as high as 17 thousand rupees. But that does not stop it from being successful in luring Engineering Students into the business model. The company makes hundreds of new sales every month.

The main reason for its success is the skilful and well-trained salesperson of the company. Most of them are sharply trained to answer every difficult query and can convince the prospects with their tactful and well-cooked stories. Along with this, they strike a chord with Engineering students as most the salespersons are themselves are students and jobless.

There may be many questions in the minds of the readers which will be cleared in this post about Ebiz.com Pvt Ltd. Let us start with the most asked question.

Also, Watch this video which describes the business model of ebiz in detail. 

Who is the founder of Ebiz.com pvt ltd?

Well, Dr Pawan Malhan is the founder of Ebiz.com pvt. ltd. in 2001. There is no Wikipedia page of Dr Pawan Malhan that can give reliable information of the founder of ebiz.com pvt ltd.  He is a god-like figure for the salespersons of ebiz. After watching his speeches on Youtube it seems like he is a softspoken person who cares for the nation, his people and students of the country. There is always a lot of emotional content in his lectures. He sells himself like a “caring grand-father figure” for his personal branding strategy.

Was Dr Pawan Malhan a Deputy Director of AIU and what exactly is AIU..? 

It is true that Dr Malhan has served AIU as a Deputy Director. AIU is the Association of Indian Universities. This credential of Dr Malhan is widely propagated in the product presentation by the salespersons. But Students must ask themselves a question. Will serving in a reputed job make one person crime-proof.

In a country where Spiritual Babas are jailed for serious crimes. Is it easy to trust the credentials of a Businessperson?  Considering the nature of the Network Marketing Business which itself is fraudulent even though it is legal.

IS EBIZ.com legal or fake according to the Indian Law?

Ebiz.com is a network marketing company and 100% legal according to the Indian Law. Network Marketing is not a crime just like Adultery is not a crime according to the law. But does that make it morally right? The answer is absolute NO!

Ebiz.com is neither a Scam nor fake nor illegal. It is morally just not correct. It is never justified to sell false dreams just to make some money. It is never justified to sell highly overpriced products just to make some bucks. Only people who are morally bankrupt are involved in such business.

Propaganda and Lies by the Ebiz Salespersons

The false statement that “ebiz is the fastest growing network marketing company”. There was never a survey conducted by any reputed organization in India to know which is the fastest growing company. It is a mere propaganda to dupe unsuspecting engineering students. We do not know the rank of ebiz in the Network Marketing Industry.

Another false statement is that an Ebizer by name “Sunny Arora” is the youngest crorepati of Asia. This statement is not only false but also very shameful. Because the person Sunny Arora expired a few years ago and the salespersons use his name to sell their products and make some money.

Education in Ebiz.com Pvt Ltd.

You learn nothing in Ebiz.com pvt ltd. There is no education. The associates will credit the company even if you learn swimming while working as a salesperson. In fact, Ebiz is opposite to education. Many students have fallen prey to the legal scam and have spoiled their careers by investing their time and money in the company instead of focussing on their main goals. There is one thing that you can learn is Selling, to train you to sell their awful product. These are the pros and cons of Ebiz Network Marketing company.

Is eBIZ good for students?

The answer is Absolutely NOT. It is very bad for students especially engineering students.  If selling is your passion then you can learn it from training institutes dedicated to Selling. The learn and grow program is a great deception. The company makes huge money while the salesperson makes little or nothing. You do not need to dupe other students to learn to sell and make some money.


Students must stay away from this legal scam as much as possible. And Parents must protect their children from falling in such schemes in their greed to earn money by hook or crook.